Peruvian Avocado Commission Celebrates National Hot Dog Day With Free Avocado Topping For Baseball Fans

New York City baseball fans invited to upgrade hot dogs to “avodogs”

Washington D.C. July 24, 2015 – In celebration of National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd, the Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC) treated New York baseball fans to a complimentary topping of fresh smashed avocados at a local major league ball game.

Although avocado may not be considered as classic a topping as mustard and relish (yet!), adding summer avocados to one of America’s favorite summertime foods proved enormously popular with fans – who devoured more than 600 fresh Peruvian Avocados during the game.

In addition to adding monumental flavor to a perennial favorite, Peruvian avocados also boast nearly 20 important vitamins and minerals and have no sodium or cholesterol.

Served with just a squeeze of lime or combined with other classic hot dog toppings such as onions and tomatoes, freshly sliced or smashed Avocados from Peru make an ideal hot dog topping.

“We look forward to seeing Avocados from Peru become an indispensable part of the all-American tradition of attending a major league baseball game,” said Xavier Equihua, President and CEO of PAC.

Peruvian avocados enjoy a season that, much like baseball, runs from May to September, earning them the nickname of “summer avocados.”

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Sue Kennedy

Avocados From Peru and Famed Peruvian Chef Martin Morales Captivate New York’s Culinary Elite

Avocados from Peru celebrated 2015 season in a series of events across New York City that included the first ever avocado-themed dinner at the James Beard House

Washington D.C. July 15, 2015 – In conjunction with Global Brand Ambassador Chef Martin Morales, Avocados from Peru captured the imaginations and taste buds of New York’s top foodies in a series of highly successful events to kick off the summer season.

Considered one of the pioneers of modern Peruvian cuisine, Morales has taken the UK by storm with his Peruvian-inspired London restaurants Ceviche SoHo, Andina, and Ceviche Old St. He also published his first cookbook in 2014, which was promptly named the #1 Cookbook of the Year by The Times of London.

“Chef Martin Morales takes a modern and innovative approach to classic Peruvian cuisine,” said Xavier Equihua, President and CEO of Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC). “He is the perfect global ambassador for Avocados from Peru, which are so essential to Peru’s cuisine and culture and have been for thousands of years!”

The weeklong schedule of activities started with a live cooking demo on Sunday, June 28 at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show, held at the Javitz Center in honor of National Ceviche Day. Attendees had the opportunity to watch and engage as Chef Martin Morales prepared two of his signature dishes: a vegan Ceviche of Artichoke and Avocado and Avocado Quinoa Salad. Over the next few days, some of the country’s top editors had the opportunity to sample Morales’ Avocado Quinoa Salad and Ceviche Andina, both featuring Peruvian Avocados, at a very special Chefs’ Table promotional appearance at the Hearst Corporation and Conde Nast’s new One World Trade Center headquarters.

Between cookbook signings, media appearances and interviews, Chef Morales also prepared a special dinner at the residence of the Peruvian Ambassador to the UN for more than 40 VIP guests including key culinary influencers, media and important government figures at the Peruvian Trade Commission.

Rounding out the week, Chef Morales prepared dinner for a sold-out crowd at the James Beard House, one of New York City’s most prestigious and influential culinary institutions. The dinner, a first in the avocado category, focused on the versatility, nutrition, and monumental flavor of Avocados from Peru, which are largely considered to be the gold standard in markets around the world.

“I love integrating seasonal superfoods into my cuisine and every year I look forward to the summer avocados from Peru,” said Morales, referring to the fruit’s May-September availability. “Avocados are an essential part of my menus and Peruvian cuisine so I am thrilled to be working with the Peruvian Avocado Commission.”

The week of events was an overwhelming success for all involved and served as an important step towards familiarizing American consumers with the cuisine and culture of Peru, which is the #2 exporter of avocados to the United States.

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Sue Kennedy