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We deliver more than just avocados.

Welcome to the business side of Peruvian Avocados. We believe there’s a whole lot more to our business than producing top quality avocados. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide our retail partners with the sales and marketing support they need to finish the job.

We are pleased to offer our retail partners detailed information about the avocado market in the U.S., our retail based marketing programs and a look at this year’s advertising and promotional materials and how to order them. Check out our menu of advertising and point-of-sale materials, valuable product information and the latest insights into the global avocado market.

“Our work isn’t complete until we do everything we can to make sure your customers know you have Peruvian Avocados in your store and ready to buy.”

Retail Marketing Program

We offer a wide array of marketing support including point-of-sale materials, broadcast, print, digital and outdoor advertising. We are also pleased to offer support for in-store demos with available funding.

Stickers for Boxes and Bags

Stickers for Boxes and Bags

Ripening Bags

Ripening Bags

Multi-use Environmentally Correct Bags

Avocados from Peru Bus Wrap

Bus Wraps

Design customized to bus with retailer co-branding.

Avocados from Peru Retail Bin

Retail Bins

22.75 x 15.125 x 30.25 inches


Free e-Cookbook

Avocados from Peru Retail Aprons


Available in S, M & L

Geo fencing pre-roll video

Video Content

Video content available for social media, digital, and broadcast

View Sample Video

Radio Spots

Two :30 script with retailer tags available:


Download Sample Scripts (PDF)

Tagged TV

Tagged TV

:30 TV Spot with retailer tag available

Avocados from Peru RPC Wraps

Recipe Tear Pads


6×4 inches, 50 sheets per pad

Avocados from Peru Outdoor Display

Recipe Tear Pads

“Stuffed Avocados”

6×4 inches, 50 sheets per pad

Retail Ad Funding

Retail Program Funding

Support is available for retail programs.

In-Store Demo Funding

In-Store Demos Funding

Support is available for in-store demos.

Avocados from Peru Outdoor Display

Customized Social Media

Support for social media content is available.

Trade & Consumer Advertising Program

In addition to our retail advertising we also run a trade advertising program to keep the industry informed and up-to-date.

Trade Press Cover Wrap

Trade Press Cover Wrap

Ordering is easy

We urge you to take advantage of as many of our branded marketing materials as possible to help you create a focused campaign around Avocados from Peru.

Download the POS Order Form (PDF)


The Summer Avocado

Because of our location in the Southern hemisphere, Avocados from Peru are available from June through September in the U.S. And that’s a really good thing, because summer is the best time of all for eating avocados!

Fresh avocados from Peru add a creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor to all your favorite summer dishes. There’s nothing like avocados in a cool summer salad or sandwiches for the perfect summer picnic. And of course, an avocado makes a nutritious, tasty lunch all by itself, eaten right from the shell.

And let’s not forget all the nutrients in an avocado from Peru. They have nearly 20 important vitamins and minerals, and no sodium or cholesterol. Summer is the season for avocados. And the avocados of summer are the ones from Peru.

We are thrilled to be able to bring high-quality Peruvian Hass avocados to the U.S. during the spring and summer, which is the highest period of avocado consumption.


Like just about all fruit, Avocados from Peru come in a nice range of sizes for every serving or preparation application. The way avocado professionals generally measure size is by how many will fit comfortably fit into a 25 pound carton. If you’re interested in knowing just how many or how large each avocado actually is, here’s the official chart.

28 Count

Weight: 13.75 oz
Yield: 8.5 oz

32 Count

Weight: 11.75 oz
Yield: 7.9 oz

36 Count

Weight: 10.7 oz
Yield: 7.4 oz

40 Count

Weight: 10.0 oz
Yield: 7.0 oz

50 Count

Weight: 7.7 oz
Yield: 5.4 oz

60 Count

Weight: 5.9 oz
Yield: 3.9 oz

70 Count

Weight: 5 oz
Yield: 3.6 oz

84 Count

Weight: 3.7 oz
Yield: 2.6 oz


If there’s one thing that’s important in buying avocados, other than making sure they’re from Peru, it’s that they’re ripe just when you want to eat them. So here’s how you tell. A nice, ripe, ready-to-eat avocado should give a little when you squeeze it. If you’re still not sure, flick the stem with your finger and it should come off easily. Then all you have to do is slice, scoop and enjoy.


Firm Not yet ripe

Firm avocados are perfect for purchasing a few days (approx. 4 to 5 days) before you plan on serving them to ensure that they will be perfectly ripe and ready to eat


Breaking Almost ripe

Breaking avocados will have a softer feel but will not quite yield to firm gentle pressure. Breaking avocados should take another day or two to ripen.


Ripe Ready to enjoy

Ripe, ready to eat avocados may have a darker color but color can vary so it is best to go by pressure as well as color. Ripe fruit will yield to firm gentle pressure.