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Avocado industry trends and research.

The more you know, the more successful you will be at selling Avocados from Peru. Here are several interesting articles regarding the state of the avocado industry, crop conditions, shopper behavior, market trends and more. These industry studies have been graciously provided by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) which is an agriculture promotion group established in 2002 to promote the consumption of Hass Avocados in the United States. The Hass Avocado Board is the essential resource for the Hass Avocado industry providing timely relevant data and research for the domestic producers and importers it represents.


Avocado Category Channel Overview Action Guide 2017 (PDF)

The Avocado Channel Action Guide gives an at-a-glance view of the retail avocado marketplace. Step into the changing world of avocado retailing and get a deeper understanding of channel-by-channel details, trends and insights.

Avocado Shopper Segmentation Action Guide 2017 (PDF)

The Avocado Shopper Sergmentation Action Guide highlights key take-aways from the 2016 Avocado Segmentation study. Retailers and marketers can enhance their marketing strategies with actionable insights into key shopper segments and how these shoppers are driving the avocado category.

2016 General Marketing Tracking Study (PDF)

The objective of this report is to monitor changes among target versus non-target audience consumers on a number of specific measures such as: avocado usage, drivers and barriers to usage, nutrition and wellness importance and association, food safety, advertising and PR efforts awareness, and demographics.

2016 General Market Segmentation Report (PDF)

The objective of this report is to monitor changes among users overall, as well as four distinct avocado user groups (Light, Medium, Heavy and Super) on a number of specific measures such as: avocado usage, drivers and barriers to usage, nutrition and wellness importance and association, food safety, advertising and PR efforts awareness, demographics.

Hass Avocado Board Annual Trends Report 2015 (PDF)

Each year HAB tracks and monitors retail trends, changes and challenges that impact the produce industries. This report was developed to provide you with a focus on retail & consumer facts, figures, trends, suggestions & opportunities.

Path to Purchase Study (PDF)

HAB’s 2015 Path to Purchase research provides point-of-purchase consumer insights about how shoppers choose avocados.

State of the Category 2014 (PDF)

This report provides key highlights and comparisons. The key objectives of this report are to provide a retail review and identify opportunities to drive retail sales and volume growth.




Below you will find an abundance of high resolution downloadable media materials for use in articles and stories featuring Avocados from Peru. To visit our complete assortment of media materials, please Click Here.

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  • Director Castro
  • Director Gomez-Bazan
    Vice Chairman
  • Director Newhouse
  • Director Donovan

Marketing Committee

  • Agrícola Cerro Prieto
    Director Bustamante, Chairman
  • Mission Produce
    Robb Bertels, Vice Chairman
  • Camposol Trading
    Director Gomez-Basan
  • Del Rey
    Mr. Bob Lucy
  • Index Fresh
    Director Cavaletto
  • LGS
    Mr. Luke Sears

Importer Directors

  • Jose Antonio Gomez-Bazan
    Director, Camposol Trading
  • Giovanni Cavaletto
    Director, Index Fresh
  • Jim Donovan
    Director, Mission Produce
  • Kellen Newhouse
    Director, Westpak Avocado

Exporter Directors

  • Daniel Bustamante
    Director, Agrícola Cerro Prieto
  • Enrique Camet
    Director, Camet Trading
  • Ulises Quevedo
    Director, Talsa
  • Eugenio Oliveira
    Director, CPF

Producer Director

  • Jose Antonio Castro
    Director, Agrokasa, S.A.

PAC Members (2017-2019)

Member companies exporting/importing more than 50,000 (25lb.) boxes:

Agricola Cerro Prieto, S.A.C.


Avo Peru

Avocado Packing Company

Camet Trading

Camposol S.A.

Camposol Trading Company

Consorcio de Productores de Fruta S.A.

Del Monte Fresh Produce Company

Del Rey Avocado

Eco-Farms Sales


Giumarra Agricom International

Henry Avocado Corp.

Index Fresh

LGS Specialty Sales, Ltd.

McDaniel Fruit Co.

Mission Produce USA

Naturipe Farms

Pacific Produce


Southern Specialties


West Pak Avocado


Member companies exporting/importing less than 50,000 (25lb.) boxes:

Agricola Pampa Baja

Andean Sun Produce

Cal Pacific Growers, Inc.

Jac. Vandenberg


La Calera